Case Study: Strongwell Scores Homerun at Ball Parks

0601-Allegheny power sports lighting pole main0601-Allegheny power sports lighting pole detail2Strongwell SE28 composite utility poles are hitting homeruns at several ballparks in the Southeast. Municipalities are discovering that the poles are a quick and economical means of lighting their athletic fields.

Municipalities save time, money and avoid scheduling difficulties by installing SE28 poles because they can use their own equipment and crews for installation. SE28 poles, which are typically half the weight of steel and wood poles, can be easily outfitted with lights and set into place using only a line truck. SE28 poles also can be installed on difficult terrain or in tight locations.

Allegheny Power installed 70- and 80-foot SE28 poles around two baseball fields in Luray, Virginia and Page County, Virginia because SE28 poles were less expensive and easier to install than traditional base-mounted steel poles. Allegheny Power was able to outfit and install eight poles in only one day. Bristol Virginia Utility Board also selected SE28 poles for installations at three of its baseball fields.

Product: Sports Lighting Poles
Process: Pultrusion
Materials: Fiberglass reinforced vinyl ester
Sizes: 60- to 80-foot tapered poles
For: Allegheny Power - Bristol Virginia Utility Board

SE28 poles are strong, durable, and corrosion, UV, and rot resistant. The poles are aesthetically pleasing as well and do not detract from the beauty of athletic fields.

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