Case Study: A Planned Community Turns Once Again to Fiberglass

1303-Kingwood Pool Fencing and Shed-Main 1303-Kingwood Pool Fencing and Shed-DetailAfter a successful installation of the FRP water slide structure (including the framing, stair treads and handrail) a master planned community pool in Houston, Texas asked for fiberglass once again to update other areas around the pool. The Kingwood suburb community’s homeowner association and maintenance personnel had a need for a low maintenance, high strength fencing solution that would replace the existing corroding wrought iron fence, meet building codes, and fulfill the aesthetic needs of their community.

Strongwell offered exactly what the community needed by installing a 96” tall STRONGRAIL® fencing system for the perimeter of the pool area. The wrought iron look was replicated by combining the finials with FRP fittings. Stainless steel or thermoplastic hinges were used on the STRONGRAIL® handrail to prevent any corrosion. STRONGRAIL®, Strongwell’s architectural handrail and fencing system, is fabricated from fiberglass components produced by Strongwell and molded thermoplastic connectors. The standard systems can be made to meet color and ADA requirements, adding safety and beauty to any property.

Product: Architectural Fencing System, Fiberglass Building
Process: Pultrusion, Fiberglass Fabrication

  • STRONGRAIL® architectural fencing system
  • DURASHIELD® foam core building panels

  • 4" x 4" x 96" STRONGRAIL® posts with decorative finials
  • 2" x 2" x .156" square STRONGRAIL® top and bottom rails
  • 1" pickets 4 inch on center
User: Kingwood Homeowner Association

The community also required a FRP chemical storage shed using lightweight and corrosion resistant 1” DURASHIELD® foam-insulated building panels to replace a rotting wooden shed. The chemical shed stores a 300-gallon tank of liquid chlorine and two 50-gallon tanks of muriatic acid to balance the pool’s pH level. These chemicals rotted the existing wooden shed and left it in ruin. The insulated fiberglass panels will not rot and are customized to include vents so the shed can “breathe” and reduce chemical build up and odor. The fiberglass structure also reduces any noise made by the tanks and helps maintain a pleasing appearance in the pool area.

Association members are so pleased with the performance and look of the water play structure, fencing and shed that they are looking at expanding the use of Strongwell FRP to include more community pools.

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