Oil and Gas

Oil and Gas

Strongwell’s structural composites have proven to be an effective long term solution for decades in both domestic and international Oil and Gas markets. To this day, the oil and gas industry continues to champion the weight savings, durability, and resistance to salt air and seawater benefits which fiberglass composites provide over steel. Strongwell’s expansion in product and market diversification within the past sixty years has been driven by “quality above all” within the FRP global marketplace. It continues to develop products which strive to offer superior corrosion resistance, meets strenuous product safety guidelines and continued reduction in if/any maintenance requirements of its products.

Although metallic components are most economical with regards to material costs alone, they require heavy lifting equipment, added labor for cutting, welding, painting and edge-banding. Most Strongwell FRP “drop-in” installations are done with minimal alterations and using basic hand tools. Strongwell Oil and Gas products offer corrosion resistance, slip resistance, flame retardancy, non-conductivity, impact absorption, and little to no maintenance requirements.

Strongwell’s FRP products offer lower maintenance requirements because FRP does not deteriorate in the presence of most corrosive saltwater, drilling fluids, acids, alkalis or other chemicals. This translates into longer service life and lower life cycle costs than ferrous metals and aluminum in the Oil and Gas applications below.


  • Production Platforms
  • Tension Leg Platforms
  • SPARs
  • MODUs

FRP Solutions for Oil and Gas


Market_Oil-Gas-DURAGRIDDURADEK® and DURAGRID® are ideal replacements for steel or aluminum gratings in corrosive environments or when frequent grating and walkways replacement costs are unacceptable.

Applications: walkways, general access areas, stair treads, mud tanks

DURAGRID® Phenolic Grating


DURAGRID® Phenolic Grating is the first composite grating to receive U.S. Coast Guard approval. It is accepted for use in locations and applications as allowed in the ASTM F3059 Matrix guide for fiberglass grating meeting Structural Fire Integrity Level 2 (L2). The ASTM F3059 enhances and replaces the USCG PFM 2-98 matrix.

DURAGRID® Phenolic Grating, compared to typical polyester, vinyl ester and epoxy FRP products, offers major improvements in reduced smoke density, reduced smoke toxicity and structural fire integrity when exposed to fire. DURAGRID® Phenolic Grating complies with Annex 1 (Resolution MSC.307(88) , Part 2, 2.41 and 2.4.2 (smoke and toxicity testing) of the FTP Code (International Code for Application of Fire Test Procedures) - (MSC 88/26/ Add.2) issued by the International Maritime Organization.

Market_Oil-Gas-DURAGRID-usedAreas where DURAGRID® Phenolic Grating can be used include:

  • Wave Zone Areas
  • Well Bays
  • Mud Pits
  • BOP Work Platforms
  • Well Head Platforms
  • Cranes
  • Wind Walls
  • Preload Tanks


DURAGRATE®-USA-2DURAGRATE® molded fiberglass grating’s high resin content make it a great choice for low maintenance chemical resistant flooring.

Applications: walkways, stair treads, wave zone

SAFRAIL™ Guardrail/Handrail

Market_Oil-Gas-SAFRAILSAFRAIL™ is the most versatile and durable handrail system available because it is offered in round, square and channel top handrail profiles in polyester, vinyl ester or phenolic resin systems with various connections options and configurations.

Applications: walkways, stairs, platforms

SAFRAIL™ Ladder and Cage

Market_Oil-Gas-Ladder-Since the 1950s, this industry tried and true fiberglass ladder and cage system has outlasted steel and aluminum with little to no maintenance.

Applications: Wall Mount Ladders, Base/Floor Mount Ladders, Walk- throughs with Returns, Side Mount Cages


Products_SAFPLATESAFPLATE® can be sold as a solid plate or bonded to DURADEK® or DURAGRID® pultruded grating. A fine grit plate is stocked in 4’ x 8’ panels with thickness in plate offerings in 1/8” and ¼”. Optional plate thicknesses include 3/16”, 3/8”, ½”, 5/8”, ¾”, and 1” sizes.

Applications: walkways, splash walls, decks, trench covers


Products_EXTREN-1EXTREN® is registered with over 100 plus standard pultruded fiberglass structural shapes by Strongwell. It is lightweight, high strength, corrosion resistant, dimensionally stable and is low maintenance compared to traditional materials.

Applications: structures, support systems, platforms, stairways


Products_Structural-Building-Panels-DURASHIELDDURASHIELD® is a pultruded tongue and groove system panel pultruded over a foam core in either a flame retardant isophtalic polyester or vinyl ester resin.  It’s available in 1” x 12” (R factor of 5) and 3” x 24” (R factor of 17) sizes.

Applications: Walkways, cladding, wind walls, antenna screening, insulated enclosures


Products_Structural-Building-Panels-DURASHIELD-HCDURASHIELD HC® is a hollow core non-insulating cost-effective alternative to DURASHIELD®. DURASHIELD® and DURASHIELD HC® panels can be bonded together with standard adhesives and attached to structural shapes with bolts or screw fasteners.  These panels will not rot, rust or mildew in high moisture environments.

Applications: walkways, cladding, wind walls, antenna screening, non-insulated enclosures

Wave Zone Grating and Guardrail/Handrail

DURAGRATEMarket_Oil-Gas-Wave-Zone® molded grating or DURAGRID® HD (rectangular bar) pultruded grating paired with SAFRAIL™ guardrail/handrail can deliver an all-FRP system for these areas.

Pipe Sleeves

Market_Oil-Gas-PipesleevePipe sleeves with all the benefits of FRP, are constructed of a durable hand laid fiberglass and polyester or vinyl ester resin in multiple diameters can be easily installed on site.