Engineers and end-users are replacing traditional materials with fiber reinforced polymers (FRP)  in corrosive mining environments. FRP provides lower life cycle costs, offers outstanding performance and provides superior quality over traditional materials such as stainless or coated steel, wood, and alloys.

Most of the corrosion in the mining industry is enhanced by abrasion, another challenge FRP overcomes. Traditional metal piping and pumping systems contain particulates which can easily erode when their protective coating is worn off, leading to a shortened life span of the processing equipment, facilities, and structures. FRP's combination abrasion and corrosion resistance offers an ideal material for mines.


The lightweight nature of  FRP also leads to ease of handling on job sites restricted by space and heavy equipment, both of which are required by comparable materials such as stainless steel or carbon coated steel, which in turn leads to lower installation costs.

Case Study

Market_Mining-Drip-PanTraditional metal coal drop pans corrode easily through exposure to coal dust, shoveling, high pressure washing, and acidic coal. FRP coal drip pans offer competitive pricing, ease of handling, weight savings, and unmatched corrosion resistance.
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