Studs & Nuts

Studs & Nuts


Products_FIBREBOLT-1FIBREBOLT® consists of a pultruded stud with threads cut in a glass mat reinforced outer layer (the center of the stud is unidirectionally reinforced for high strength) and a molded nut. FIBREBOLT® does not possess the thread shear strength of steel, but has sufficient strength to be a viable alternative in structures where fastener corrosion is a concern or where metal fasteners are not permitted (antennae housings, computer equipment testing structures, etc.).

Features of FIBREBOLT®

  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Easy to Fabricate
  • Low Maintenance
  • Low in Conductivity
  • Transparent to Electromagnetic Waves
  • Color Blends with Most Structural Materials


  • Chemical Process Equipment
  • Air and Water Pollution Equipment
  • Marine Applications
  • Low in Conductivity
  • Cellular Antenna Mounts and/or Screens
  • Computer Testing Facilities