Structural Shapes and Plate

Structural Shapes and Plate



EXTRENEXTREN® is a proprietary combination of fiberglass reinforcements and thermosetting polyester or vinyl ester resin systems. EXTREN® is produced in more than 100 standard shapes and all shapes have a surface veil to protect against glass fibers penetrating the resin surface in service and to increase corrosion and UV resistance.

EXTREN® is offered in multiple series designed for different environments and applications.


An all-purpose series utilizing a premium polyester resin system with a UV inhibitor. Color: Olive Green


An all-purpose series utilizing a fire retardant premium polyester resin system with a UV inhibitor. Color: Slate Gray (plus certain handrail and fixed ladder components in yellow)


A premium series both fire retardant and highly corrosion resistant utilizing a vinyl ester resin system with a UV inhibitor. Color: Beige


Any Series 500, 525 and 625 EXTREN® product can be manufactured upon request to meet the mechanical and physical properties of BS EN 13706 (E23) European standards.  All standard EXTREN® products meet and/or exceed the structural requirements of E17 European standards.

img18All structural shapes are available in a polyester resin (Strongwell PE) and vinyl ester resin (Strongwell VE) which are certified to NSF-61.


  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Low Conductivity - Thermally and Electrically
  • Non-Magnetic - Electromagnetic Transparency
  • Lightweight
  • High Strength
  • Dimensional Stability
  • Low Maintenance

Quality and Availability

All Strongwell manufacturing facilities are ISO-9001 quality certified. This ensures the highest quality standards for producing EXTREN® structural shapes in a world class facility. A "first article" series of tests on each EXTREN® production run is designed to assure the end user that the structural members meet or exceed published minimum criteria.

EXTREN® is stocked by a network of distributors worldwide. Strongwell also maintains a large inventory to service distributors and prevent long lead times. The current EXTREN® products are shown on the EXTREN® Availability List.

To obtain the name of the distributor in your area, send an email with your name, location, phone number and product of interest to Strongwell and someone will contact you.

Fabricating with EXTREN®

In addition to being the world's largest producer of pultruded parts, Strongwell is also the largest fabricator of structures utilizing pultruded components. Typical fabrications include beam, column and plate structures, all-fiberglass buildings, platforms and other custom fabrications involving grating and handrail.

If you are looking to fabricate fiberglass structures with Strongwell products, please complete a fabrication worksheet.


Fiberglass gritted plate is a tough, corrosion resistant floor plate. SAFPLATE®'s unique combination of pultruded fiberglass plate and an anti-skid grit surface creates textured solid sheet flooring that is ideal for both wet and dry environments.

Used in a variety of applications such as trench covers to contain vapors and fumes or pedestrian bridge walkways for sure footing, SAFPLATE® provides a long-lasting maintenance-free alternative to steel plate for severe, corrosive environments.


  • Walkways
  • Splash Walls
  • Overpasses
  • Bridge Decks
  • Pool Decks
  • Trench Covers
  • Odor Control Covers

Materials of Construction

SAFPLATESAFPLATE® is available as solid plate or bonded to DURADEK® or DURAGRID® grating. The standard surface is fine grit. A medium grit or a coarse grit is also available. SAFPLATE® can also be customized to meet the requirements of a variety of applications.

Standard SAFPLATE® has a Class 1 flame rating of 25 or less per ASTM E-84 and meets the self-extinguishing requirements of ASTM D-635.
SAFPLATE® with fine grit is stocked in 4' x 8' panels in standard EXTREN® plate thicknesses of 1/8" and 1/4". Optional plate thicknesses include 3/16", 3/8", 1/2", 5/8”, 3/4" and 1" sizes. Standard SAFPLATE® is Series 525, which is fiberglass reinforced polyester with fire retardant in a gray color. Other resin systems and custom colors are available upon request.