Strongwell's FRP products are an ideal choice for the cellular industry.  Nearly invisible to cellular emissions and radio frequencies, Strongwell FRP has been used extensively for applications ranging from architectural screening to entire structures - anywhere that electro-magnetic (EMI) or radio frequency interference (RFI) is a concern.

Market_Cellular-SAFPLANKStrongwell’s fiberglass structural materials are the clear choice for rooftop communication antenna screening and cellular shielding applications because the RF transparent materials are now certified by the Los Angeles Research Report, L.A.R.R., for use in RF transparent screening and enclosure systems. The L.A.R.R. requires exceedingly difficult 3rd party tests, against a very stringent list of mechanical, fire, UV and weathering ASTM standards. In addition to rooftop screening, the safety factors of the approval allows Strongwell’s structures to be placed on anything from the top of skyscrapers, trellises, architectural treatments on the sides of buildings, to bus stops.

Strongwell’s L.A.R.R. approval is the most comprehensive in the industry, approving EXTREN® structural shapes and plate, DURASHIELD® building panels, SAFPLANK® interlocking planks and FIBREBOLT® studs and nuts for cellular and RF applications.

Strongwell's fiberglass structural materials that have been L.A.R.R.-approved are:

  • Virtually transparent to Cellular Emissions / Frequencies
  • Lightweight
  • Corrosion / Rot Resistant
  • Virtually Maintenance-Free
  • Durable / Impact Resistant
  • Attractive