Case Study: Baffle Panels Used to Upgrade Retention Basins

Ohio WWTF Baffle Walls

As communities continue to expand and develop, so will the need for water reclamation. Currently, emerging technologies within the water reclamation sectors are expanding the roles of facilities in water saving initiatives, ecosystem preservation, and developing a more sustainable water cycle.

Over the past two years, a wastewater treatment and water reclamation facility in Ohio has been systemically retrofitting a total of seven basins as part of a large capital improvement project. Upon completion, it will be the largest facility in the world to utilize a membrane bioreactor to produce effluent of high clarity and significantly reduce pathogen concentration. In addition to performance, membrane bioreactors also allow treatment plants to leave a smaller footprint while increasing the retention time of solids.

Product: Retention Basin Baffle Walls
Process: Pultrusion
Materials & Sizes:

  • 3" Baffle Panel
  • EXTREN® Series 500 structural shapes:

    • wide flange beam
    • square tube
    • angle
For: Shook Construction
User: Wastewater Treatment facility in Ohio

In municipal and industrial wastewater systems, baffle panels are highly effective and provide significant benefits over concrete, wood, and steel in aeration chambers, contact chambers, and retention basins. In addition to better gain yields in underwater flow control, corrosion and ultraviolet resistance is much improved over the traditional material options.

Within this three-stage construction overhaul, Strongwell collaborated with Shook Construction in providing 3" baffle wall systems, as well as EXTREN® wide flange beams, square tubes, angles, and bracing. With new baffle panels, each chamber was able to generate higher biomass solids concentration resulting in better bio-treatment.

Both the installers and end-user were pleased with the overall processes of scheduling, delivery, fabrication, and installation.

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