Case Study: Composites Provides Pump Houses with Modular Access

0911-JolietRemovablePumpHouse-Main0911-JolietRemovablePumpHouse-DetailDesigned to be lightweight while possessing values for excellent corrosion resistance, insulation and strength, DURASHIELD® has inserted itself into the modular building business in one of Illinois’ fastest growing cities.

DURASHIELD® foam core building panels were used to partially fabricate three pump houses for the City of Joliet. The renovation of each building was designed by the Engineering Solutions Team with the assistance of Strongwell’s Structural Engineering group. One of the major concerns from the previous well houses was the lack of maintenance and refurbishment access to the large water pumps due to structurally static walls and roof. This updated design utilizing DURASHIELD® allowed the walls and roof to be removed so a crane could be positioned to access the large water pumps.

Product: Removable Well House Roof Structure
Process: Pultrusion
Materials & Sizes: 3" x 24" DURASHIELD® Foam Core Building Panels
For: Engineering Solutions Team
User: City of Joliet, Illinois

Each building used 3" x 24" DURASHIELD® as siding and roofing panels, which have historically performed successfully in the field against 40 lb. snow loads and 100 mph winds. Each tongue and groove panel has a 4 lb. per cubic foot of rigid closed cell polyurethane foam core which registers an R-value of 17.

Adler Roofing purchased and installed the 3" DURASHIELD® and was complimentary about the ease and simplicity of fit, quality, finish, and tongue and groove design for all of the pump houses. The upgraded pump houses will easily outlast the previous pump houses to ensure years of maintenance-free service to the City of Joliet.

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