Case Study: DURADEK® Solves Expansion Problems for Wastewater Treatment Plant

0811-Lakewood WWTP headwork walkways Main0811-Lakewood WWTP headwork walkways Detail3In Lakewood, Colorado, there is a small municipal wastewater treatment plant which serves Lakewood and Wheat Ridge communities. Population in both communities has grown in the last decade and the need for expansion and updating of the wastewater treatment facility was pressing.

The capacity of the headworks area for the facility was inadequate and the Lakewood community decided to build a new headworks area. Pipe Valve and Fitting Co., distributor in Denver,  Colorado, worked with Martin and Martin Consulting Engineers on this project.

Product: WWTP Headworks Covers and Walkways
Process: Pultrusion
Materials: Fiberglass reinforced vinyl ester grating and curb angle, gray
Sizes: DURADEK® I-6000 1-1/2" grating (currently DURAGRID®)
For: Martin and Martin, Consulting Engineers
User: Northwest Lakewood Sanitation District

Conditions in the wastewater treatment plant were corrosive, requiring fiberglass grating. The consulting engineers chose DURADEK® I-6000 1-1/2" gray vinyl ester grating to give the least amount of deflection for the required spans on the work areas and walkways around the headworks.

Budgets are always a major problem for most municipalities so maintenance areas are a good place to look for long term savings. Don Willhoit, District Manager for the Lakewood Sanitation District, stressed the importance of using materials which would eliminate a lot of future maintenance. The general contractor was pleased that Strongwell-Chatfield Location could manufacture the grating to size. He said that the grating fit perfectly and went in very easily.

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