Case Study: Fiberglass Cooler/Freezer Door Jamb Insulates and Saves Energy

Freezer Door Jamb ProfileAn efficient walk-in cooler/freezer requires a specially constructed door assembly to provide a tight seal without freezing up. Harford Systems Inc., in Aberdeen, Maryland, designed a door jamb assembly using a custom pultruded part chosen for strength, functional versatility and appearance.

Product: Fiberglass Cooler/Freezer Door Jamb
Process: Pultrusion
Materials: Fiberglass reinforced polyester
Sizes: 4.0" (overall length) x 1.468" (overall width) x 2.172" (extension) x 0.125" (thick)
For: Harford Systems Inc.

The heavy duty pultruded part provides a thermal barrier that eliminates a costly second heater circuit required on other low temperature doors. The thermally nonconductive pultruded door jamb is fitted with an anti-condensate heater circuit which goes around each door. Its resistance to heat flow means sweat-free cooler door openings — a real energy saver. The pultruded part is also strong, durable and corrosion resistant.

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