Case Study: Fiberglass Fencing Protects Pedestrians from High Voltage Tracks

1302-Crusader Train Rail Fence-Main 1302-Crusader Train Rail Fence-DetailCrusader Fence Co, Inc. selected STRONGRAIL® fiberglass architectural handrail system for customer San Mateo County Transit District in California. The handrail was to serve as a safety fence for the district’s Burlingame Caltrain Station. STRONGRAIL® was the smart choice because of the fiberglass handrail’s low electrical conductivity and high strength. The STRONGRAIL® fence prevents pedestrians from contacting electrified train track rails.

Product: Fiberglass Fencing
Process: Pultrusion, Fiberglass Fabrication

  • STRONGRAIL® fiberglass architectural handrail system
  • EXTREN® Series 525 fiberglass structural shapes

  • Railing: 2" x 2" x .156" square tube
  • Pickets: 1" square tube
  • Posts: 4" square tube
  • EXTREN® 8-3/8" round tube
For: Crusader Fence Co, Inc.
User: San Mateo County Transit District, CA

The STRONGRAIL® style selected was black 2” square rails with 1” square pickets. The fence sections connected using STRONGRAIL® square tube posts and caps. Additionally, Strongwell fabricated decorative rings for the fence with EXTREN® fiberglass structural tubing.

Installation of the lightweight fiberglass handrail went smoothly, a very important consideration when working between live track lines with trains moving at speeds up to 80 mph!

The San Mateo County Transit District was well pleased with the results and commented that the installation looked “California Cool”.

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