Case Study: Fiberglass Fights Corrosion “Underwater” and Above

0817-Mall of America Aquarium Walkways0817-Mall of America Aquarium LockerThe Mall of America's "UnderWater World", Minneapolis, Minnesota, is an aquatic extravaganza. The exhibit features a series of aquariums showcasing aquatic life from the Mississippi River's beginnings in Minnesota to the barrier reefs off the coast of Central America.

Visitors will probably not see or notice the corrosion resistant walkways above as moving sidewalks take them through the 400-foot underwater tunnels. The walkways, of fiberglass handrails and concrete decking, are above the four aquarium holding tanks and are used by the staff of divers, biologists and lab specialists who maintain this waterworld. Designed to give years of maintenance free service, fiberglass industrial products produced by Strongwell are used throughout the support areas.

The massive installation included 600 lineal feet of SAFRAIL™ fiberglass handrail systems and five 14' SAFRAIL™ fiberglass ladders and ladder cages. The design included 200 square feet of DURAGRID® I-4000 1-1/2" grating panels in various locations such as access hatches, shelving, and drainage areas. Five 3' diameter manhole covers (fabricated from EXTREN® plate) were also used.

Product: Handrails, Ladders & Lockers
Process: Pultrusion, Fiberglass Fabrication
Materials: Fiberglass reinforced polyester, fire retardant

  • DURAGRID® I-4000 1-1/2" grating
  • SAFRAIL™ fiberglass handrail
  • EXTREN® Series 525 structural shapes:
    - 3/8" Plate
    - 2 x 1/2" Angle
For: Lehrer, McGovern & Bovis
User: Mall of America - Minneapolis, Minnesota

Lockers were specially designed for the scuba divers on staff who maintain the aquatic life and hand-feed fish in the coral reef areas. The lockers were fabricated from corrosion resistant fiberglass for the scuba gear and equipment that is constantly damp. The 2 sets of 9' x 8' x 2' FRP lockers (with 6 lockers in each set) were fabricated from DURAGRID® fiberglass grating placed vertically and framed with EXTREN® angles.

This was a fast paced project with everything completed and on site three weeks from order placement.

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