Case Study: Kevlar Core “Supersticks” Can Take a Pounding


Product: Kevlar Drumsticks
Process: Pultrusion
Materials: Pultruded Kevlar core, thermoplastic injection molded cover
Sizes: 5 sizes ranging from 15/21" to 23/32" diameter
For: Duraline Syndrum

Duraline Drumsticks made with a high strength pultruded Kevlar core manufactured by Strongwell and covered with a thermoplastic outer surface are considered the “top of the line” drumsticks in the music industry. Called “Supersticks”, these special drumsticks last over eight times longer than wooden sticks, are lightweight, will not warp and are more consistent than wooden sticks. It is typical with wooden drumsticks for drummers to have to roll, weigh and hand select each one. However, each “Superstick” is a twin of its brother and this consistency remains throughout its life, regardless of wear and age.

Favored by hard rock drummers for their strength in particular, “Supersticks” are also recommended for their superior tonal quality by musicians representing a wide variety of musical tastes.

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