Case Study: Movable Pool Dividers are Longlasting

0819-Pool DividersMovable swimming pool divider bulkheads, manufactured by Recreation Supply Company, Bismarck, North Dakota, are designed with DURAGRID® fiberglass reinforced grating for the top and sides of each unit. The bulkheads allow commercial aquatic centers to program a wide range of aquatic activities in a single swimming pool. Racing lanes can be quickly defined and divided from the diving well and casual swimmers can be separated from lesson areas.

Product: Pool Divider Bulkheads
Process: Pultrusion
Materials: Fiberglass reinforced isophthalic polyester grating, fire retardant, white
Sizes: DURAGRID® T-1800 1" grating
For: Recreation Supply Co.

The DURAGRID® T-1800 1" white grating has proven to be ideally suited for this application. The superior corrosion resistance of DURAGRID® resists the chlorine, heat, humidity and even sunlight that relentlessly attack pool equipment. In contrast to plastic or PVC materials, which often begin to deteriorate after just a few years, DURAGRID® remains sound years after the bulkhead is installed.

The skid resistant surface of DURAGRID® increases the safety of swimmers, coaches and judges who routinely walk across the wet surfaces of the bulkheads. The lightweight nature of DURAGRID® allows easy maneuverability of each pool divider, even in fully filled pools.

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