Case Study: Strongwell FRP Solves Baffling Wastewater Problems

0581-Lima Baffle System Main0581-Lima Baffle System DetailThe Lima Ohio Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP) is a municipally-owned and operated wastewater treatment facility located south of Toledo, Ohio. It operates at 33 million gallons per day, providing primary, secondary and tertiary treatment, as well as biosolids and digester gas recycling. The WWTP needed to expand its wastewater processing capacity. One solution was to utilize a baffle wall system which would allow the water to move more slowly, resulting in better primary sedimentation.

A unique demand for this project was that the installation was completely underground. Baffle wall panels had to be transported to their underground installation locations through 36" diameter manholes to reach the clarifiers. Bill Gaus of Harrington Industrial Plastics recommended Strongwell’s FRP due to its baffle panel size, high corrosion resistance against wastewater, competitive pricing, shipment flexibility and a strong emphasis on customer relationships.

Product: Fiberglass Baffle System
Process: Pultrusion, Fabrication

  • Fiberglass Baffle Panels
  • EXTREN® Series 500 structural shapes
Sizes: EXTREN® structural shapes:

  • 12" x 6" x 1/2" I-beam
  • 3" x 3" x 3/8" angle
For: Peterson Construction
User: Lima Wastewater Treatment Plant
Lima, Ohio

Due to Strongwell’s unique baffle wall design, lightweight (6½ lbs. per foot) and 24" width, the panels were easily transported through the manholes to the final destination. Peterson Construction, the contractor hired to build the project, noted this installation was done with relative ease and without the use of cranes or any other lifting equipment. EXTREN® Series 500 beams and equal leg angles were also used as baffle supports.

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