Case Study: The Blue Harbor Resort Goes With the Flow by Using DURAGRID®

0843-BlueHarborResortStairs-Main0843-BlueHarborResortStairs-DetailThe Blue Harbor Resort in Sheboygan, WI was outfitted with Strongwell’s pultruded fiberglass grating and stair treads.

The four-story indoor waterpark features over 43,000 square feet of platforms and stair towers which are constantly exposed to chlorinated water and constant foot traffic. The use of a safe, corrosion resistant, low maintenance material is a must. Strongwell’s products met the waterpark’s needs perfectly.

In addition to the corrosion resistance of Strongwell’s DURAGRID® pultruded fiberglass grating and stair treads, Strongwell fiberglass was selected by the resort because the stairs needed to span 60" without an intermediate stringer. This and the recommended FRP façade over wood allowed the resort to present a clean finished look without having to replace the main stringers.

Product: Waterpark Platforms and Stair Towers
Process: Pultrusion, Fiberglass Fabrication

  • EXTREN® 525 series fiberglass reinforced polyester, fire retardant
  • DURAGRID® T-1800 Grating
  • DURAGRID® T-1700 Stair Treads
Sizes: EXTREN® structural shapes:

  • 5½" Channel
  • 6" Channel
  • 2" Angle


  • 1" T-1800 Grating
  • 2" T-1700 Stair Treads
User: Blue Harbor Resort, Sheboygan, WI

DURAGRID® T-1800 1" was installed to serve as platform flooring and 5' wide DURAGRID® T-1700 2" stair treads were used on staircases throughout the park. EXTREN® 525 series angles and channels were used to provide the façade.

Strongwell’s materials also provided much needed skid resistance. The grating and stair treads feature a fine grit surface that provides a safe, skid-resistant walking surface, even in midst of the wettest conditions. As added benefits, the open construction of the grating and stair treads eliminates standing water and allows more natural lighting through.

“We went from drab and dirty, to a clean, finished, easy to maintain surface that is safe and aesthetically pleasing. Instead of pressure washing 75 stairs weekly, we hose them down once a month, saving labor and chemicals.” - Steve Grossenbach, Director of Engineering at Blue Harbor Resort & Spa.

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