ADA Compliant Handrail Remains Strong After 7 Years

In 2003, the Moody Gardens Theme Park in Galveston, Texas,  embraced the low maintenance and corrosion resistance of Strongwell’s custom fiberglass handrail systems for theme park’s dock.

The day dock at the popular destination featured an ADA compliant custom handrail system that was built using several of Strongwell’s pultruded fiberglass structural profiles.

Visitors to the theme park continually use the fiberglass handrail when taking cruises around Galveston Island. The handrail remains strong and has no corrosion damage. Even 2008’s class 2 Hurricane Ike had no effect on the Strongwell custom handrail. The project managers at Moody Gardens are very pleased with the installation and love the fact that the handrail system will remain virtually maintenance-free for even more years to come!