Aluminum Vs. Fiberglass Ladders

Companies looking to consolidate and grow need to make sure they have the tools and appliances to help them reach their business goals and ambitions. The evidence shows that fiberglass ladders are the right choice for any industrial application requiring heavy-duty, outdoor ladders that will remain durable over long service lives with minimal maintenance.

At a notably higher price, are fiberglass ladders worth the extra investment for your new facility or do the more simply made, straightforward aluminum ladders do a satisfactory job?

This article intends to take a closer look at the reasons for and against using fiberglass ladders instead of the more traditional aluminum alternatives that seem to have a multitude of limitations, in comparison.


Fiberglass Ladders: Twice as Tough 

As a result of the tightly packed composition of glass strands within each fiberglass ladder, the overall strength and solidity of the structure allow it to support greater applied force. Those looking for a ladder that can take the strain of constant traffic without any signs of stress or strain should stay away from aluminum and select the fiberglass alternative.

Long-Life Fiberglass Ladders

Virtually indestructible and immune to the elements, fiberglass ladders stand strong in all environments. Come rain or shine, in extreme heat or sub-zero temperatures, the fiberglass framework does not corrode. This allows construction to proceed without constant care and maintenance of the equipment. The same cannot be said for aluminum which is extremely vulnerable to extreme temperature changes.

Lightweight but Packing a Punch

Despite their superior strength and staying power, the latest (FRP) fiberglass ladders weigh significantly less than aluminum ladders sold by competitors. The fiberglass material is as much as 30% lighter in products of a similar size and scale making it easier to carry and safer to store.

Safety Starts with Low Conductivity

Owing to their non-existent levels of electrical conductivity, fiberglass ladders provide a safe platform for anyone working in close proximity to live electrical appliances or wires. The use of aluminum ladders in an electrically charged environment would be highly inadvisable as aluminum is a well-known conductor of electric currents.

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Fiberglass Ladders from Strongwell

Hopefully, this article has proven beyond any reasonable doubt that fiberglass ladders exceed their vastly inferior aluminum equivalents. However, if you have any questions about the cost and performance parameters of fiberglass ladders, feel free to contact a member of the Strongwell team today.

Not sure whether fiberglass ladders are the answer to your particular laddering needs? Check the eligibility of your specifications against the fiberglass solutions available. As the preferred product of any business requiring regular and sustained ladder use, an upgrade to sophisticated fiberglass ladders is a sensible move.