An Outstanding CFO

For the past four years, the Southwest Virginia Alliance for Manufacturing (SVAM) has been providing the opportunity for manufacturers to recognize women who advance both their fields of occupation and manufacturing as a whole.  As an advanced manufacturer, workforce development is a vital component leading to successful product and business development. Women continue to play significant roles in composites manufacturing as they represent all facets of the industry.

CFO Angie Barr


Angie Barr (Chief Financial Officer) was recently recognized as one of the finalists for SVAM’s 2017 Outstanding Woman in Manufacturing Award.

With over 17 years of experience in manufacturing, Angie exemplifies great leadership and teamwork as she has worked in almost every position within accounting. Her previous titles include staff accountant, Virginia Operations Controller, Corporate Secretary, and Treasurer. Angie’s outgoing personality enables her team to thrive as she always makes herself available to staff and fellow coworkers. She constantly encourages her team members to cross-train in skills, resulting in internal promotions and further expansion of roles within the company.

Outside of accounting, Angie has been previously involved in Relay for Life activities, March of Dimes fundraisers and served as PTA treasurer for her son’s school.  Today she finds herself as a “sports in mom chief,” as her son in involved in a variety of travel sports. Congratulations to Angie Barr!