Ascertaining Practicality in Manufacturing


On a quarterly basis, SVAM (Southwest Virginia Alliance for Manufacturing) works with regional colleges and universities in hosting “Manufacturing Your Career” forums. Each of these forums cater to specific demographics to showcase the sector and career opportunities within. Recently, Scholle IPN and Strongwell were asked to attend one of these events to garner improved perspectives on manufacturing.

Representing over 90 academic disciplines and a student population exceeding 2,000 students, King University was recently chosen as a host site for this forum due to its diverse student body and academic interests.

With over one hundred students and faculty in attendance, Ty Dejager (Process Engineer-Bristol), Tekai Shu (Social Media and Business Development Manager), and John Thompson (Virginia Operations Cost Accountant) represented Strongwell during the forum.

Mandy Barker from SVAM moderated the Question and Answer session and students and faculty members were encouraged to network afterwards.

Panelists discussed topics ranging from the evolution of the hiring process, work challenges, new millennial employment perspectives, injecting passion into work, the importance of internships, wages and benefits, advancement opportunities, and networking.

Many thanks to SVAM for being a committed voice for Southwest Virginia and its critical manufacturing sector.