5 Benefits of Fiberglass Structural Materials

Fiberglass structural materials are among the most versatile configurations for almost any construction project. At Strongwell, our expert engineers have long been championing fiberglass as a solid, long-term solution for various structural projects. It has the right properties to become the predominant structural material for all major and minor facility assemblies.

1. Light but Long-lasting

In the past, excess weight was narrowmindedly mistaken for might but with innovations in the intricate manufacture of structural materials, we have proven that light doesn’t always mean weak. With an unparalleled strength-to-weight performance ratio, fiberglass structural materials highlight the flaws and limitations of existing alternatives like concrete and steel. It is not only durable and long-lasting but offers significant weight reductions for enhanced structural performance.

2. Custom-built and Versatile

Concrete and steel are stalwart materials, reacting to the elements in a minimal capacity and retaining high rigidity throughout service. Fiberglass goes against this grain with enhanced malleability.

Certainly the most versatile and moldable structural material on the market, fiberglass is not just one exact entity. It is the sum of its parts, and with a wide array of production procedures, fiberglass can be pushed, pulled, squeezed, and squashed into almost any template.

Its incredible versatility makes it a supreme contender for multi-purpose solutions in any reform, renovation, or retrofit. Replacing more limited and dated materials with the higher class and quality of a fiberglass structural material has become commonplace with customers looking to keep ahead of the competition.

3. Corrosion-resistant and Resilient

At Strongwell, we believe there’s no need to sacrifice style or sustainability for the brute strength of our structural materials.

Our latest rooftop models made up of a mix of our DURAGRATE® composites and EXTREN® fiberglass shapes, offer an innovative compromise between rigidity and penetrability. With a deliberate porous structure, DURAGRATE® panels enable rain and standing water to pass through the structure without affecting the structural rigidity of the supporting EXTREN® components. This empowers users to handle mass water runoff safely and sustainably.

4. Fashionable yet Functional

Architects puposefully integrate structural functions with aethetics in both horizontal and vertical designs. Advances and adjustments to fiberglass-based products are allowing construction specialists to rely on them to complete a wider range of projects.

Polymer composites are growing in popularity due to their electromagnetic transparency. Preventing physical elements such as water from passing through their maze of mesh-packed material, their interwoven structure can be permeated by radio and electronic waves. This gives you the best of both worlds; a structurally-sound perimeter that maintains and permits strong communication signals and connections.

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5. An Array of Applications

Already a tried and trusted material relied upon for general facility construction, fiberglass is breaking into and taking over in areas that were previously monopolized by conventional construction methods.

Its astounding number of advantageous applications make fiberglass the complete solution for many customers’ needs. Insulative against the elements yet permeable to radio waves, solid in composition but light to move or lift, superior in strength yet easier to make and install, it’s getting harder for even the most traditional construction companies to deny its ever-growing list of virtues.

If you would like any more information about the fiberglass structural materials on offer from Strongwell, simply contact a member of the team today.