Composites an Integral Part of ASCE’s Vision of Infrastructure

A three-dimensional retrospective collage was recently added to a triptych of artistic pieces at the Reston, Virginia, headquarters of the ASCE (American Society of Civil Engineers). The intent of these artistic pieces commemorates the stunning history and achievements of the ASCE and its presidents since 1852, while advocating for solutions.

Lawrence Romorini, artist and founder of One of a Kind Art Studio, utilized over 100 miniaturized photos, news articles, publications and memorabilia to showcase the challenges of America’s infrastructure in the new millennium.  The previous generation collage utilized wood, steel and concrete to flank the drawing board. The current collage, titled, “The Vision for Civil Engineering in 2025,” was designed to usher a new generation of innovation and sustainability while improving quality of life. Strongwell’s FRP/Composites products aesthetically frame the digital screen, highlighting the contrast amongst the previous solutions and professional tools engineers are utilizing to tackle the challenging infrastructure problems of this millennium.

All of the collages capture the weave of history and professional achievements spanning more than a century and half towards the legacies of civil engineers and progression of stronger building materials.

Romorini’s additional artwork can also be seen on his website: