COMPOSOLITE® a Strong Choice for Wastewater Applications

A group of tertiary treatment plants with open reclaimed water contact basins in Southern California needed a solution which minimalized chlorine loss while preventing potential algal blooming due to prolonged exposure to sunlight. CDM Smith invited Strongwell to submit a bid for covers to resolve this issue.  Strongwell provided an alternative to the traditional thin-walled fiberglass and aluminum covers, as those have span and stiffness issues. Strongwell’s design utilized COMPOSOLITE®, partially because it offers a state of the art internal core structure which can handle more weight and could cover the reservoirs without needing extra structural support. Unlike Aluminum, COMPOSOLITE® (FRP) does not corrode, is less expensive than aluminum and is safer in this application to touch and walk on. The lightweight, high-strength FRP panels were delivered on one truck with minimal effort to off-load and store. Greg Thomas, owner of Alliance Utilities & Construction Inc., in Temecula CA stated they were able to install the panel system on site with minimal field trimming and reduced labor costs.

Eric Romero and Sean Sullivan, CDM Smith site Construction Managers, both felt the COMPOSOLITE® reservoir covers exceeded their expectations and will continue to bid for COMPOSOLITE® in upcoming wastewater projects.