COMPOSOLITE® Scaffolding is Award Winning Choice for Bridge Repair

Strongwell’s COMPOSOLITE® FRP building panels were used as scaffolding for a bridge reconstruction project in New Jersey. The FRP scaffolding served as working platforms when construction workers replaced the Driscoll Bridge’s bearings. It also functioned to catch debris that fell off of the bridge deck during the work.

The COMPOSOLITE® panels were pultruded in a safety yellow color and a fine grit surface was added for skid resistance. The lightweight FRP scaffold was fabricated on the ground and then the completed unit was hoisted into place where it required less vertical supports. Both steel and plywood alternatives would require more supports to stabilize them as mandated by State specifications. The corrosion resistant fiberglass scaffolding can be easily disassembled and reused in the next bridge repair project.

In October, Strongwell participated in the ACMA’s (American Composites Manufacturers Association) Composites and Polycon show in Tampa, Florida The event highlighted the latest products and news in the composite industry. Strongwell received the ACMA’s Infinite Possibility award for the innovative application of COMPOSOLITE® as bridge repair scaffolding.