Creating Competitive Advantage Through Sustainability

David Oakley, President and CEO of Strongwell, recently participated in a Composites Industry panel to discuss “Creating Competitive Advantage through Sustainability” at the Composites 2013 Expo. The panel consisted of representatives from Ashland Performance Materials, Crane Composites, Strongwell, Kohler Co., Owens Corning and Carnegie Mellon University.

Here is a snapshot of what Oakley reported:

Oakley shared that the “The most powerful tool we have in terms of sustainability is Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) studies. These demonstrate the advantages of our pultruded products, and FRP in general. They’re third-party, peer-reviewed and they reveal that FRP products produce fewer air and water emissions, consume less energy and emit less greenhouse gas, all of which lead to reduced carbon footprint.”

He also emphasized that the composites industry must study the “cradle-to-grave” environmental cost advantages of FRP compared with other products and to reinforce composites’ exceptional corrosion and rot resistance qualities, extended service life, lower maintenance costs and reduced replacement costs, all of which are highlighted through Strongwell’s Green Initiatives section of our website. The sustainability of our products is regularly highlighted in all of Strongwell’s periodic publications distributed to over 30,000 readers globally.

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