DURAGRID® R-8300 Fiberglass Grating Introduced!

DURAGRID® R-8300 1" fiberglass grating is specially designed for use in environments such as cooling towers where maximizing air flow is important. The smooth rectangular bar construction yields 83% open space allowing excellent airflow while still providing 60 lbs. per square foot load capacity on a 36" loading span.

DURAGRID® R-8300 grating can be safely used for maintenance walkways and access platforms.  The bearing bars are produced with a synthetic surfacing veil to enhance corrosion resistance and to help protect the bar from particles in the air passing through the grating. DURAGRID® R-8300 is produced in a safety yellow color to provide good visibility.

For more information about the new DURAGRID® R-8300 grating, visit Strongwell's online literature library to see the DURAGRID® R-8300 Grating Flyer.