Easy Access with Fabricated Covers

The Mulberry wastewater treatment plant, located in Fort Collins, Colorado, installed fabricated FRP covers from Strongwell. The treatment plant required a removable cover spanning an 8-foot area without building additional structure. Strongwell’s distributor Pipe Valve & Fitting offered COMPOSOLITE® covers in lieu of aluminum covers to Montgomery, Watson and Harza Engineering and their contractor, Hydro Construction.

The covers were installed in a 8' x 40' section and several 8' x 8' sections. The reason for not selecting a traditional cover such as aluminum was lack of strength. Aluminum covers are typically not designed for foot traffic. The hollow core construction of the COMPOSOLITE® covers also allowed for easy acceptance of a stainless steel recessed T-Bar handle for a smooth surface. The project was installed in phases in 2010 and 2011.