Elementary Students Get Introduced to Hands-On Assembly

elementaryOver 225 students from Bristol Virginia Public Schools recently attended an Elementary Career Fair at Virginia High School in Bristol, Virginia. Counselors and educators from Highland View, Joseph Van Pelt, Washington-Lee, and Stonewall Jackson wanted an opportunity for students to be better informed of career opportunities within our region. Over a period of four hours, students rotated in 10-minute increments amongst companies representing the transportation infrastructure, health, information technology, construction, manufacturing, engineering, home crafts, and photography sectors. Each station discussed the necessary skills, day-to-day operations, size of company, materials used, and work ethic required to be a part of these industries/companies.


As a proponent of hands-on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) in elementary education, Strongwell’s fabrication, industrial design, engineering, marketing, and scheduling departments worked together to develop a simple stepstool which could be assembled and disassembled with a pair of socket wrenches. Upon completion of their projects, students were impressed by the simple design and impressive strength of the seven pound step stool being able to support up to 300 lbs. of weight. For those who weren’t interested in assembly, students were exposed to blueprint design, differences in metallic and composite fasteners, and some of the raw materials which go into fiberglass structures.

Many thanks to the staff members of Bristol Virginia Public Schools who organized this event.