EM and RF Transparent Screenings from Strongwell

Wireless communications changed the world when they first emerged in the early 20th Century, and they are continuing to do so today. Rudimentary telecommunications enabled people to contact one another across previously unimaginable distances, by using radio transmitters to convey messages over a specific electromagnetic frequency. These messages were detected by transmitters tuned to those same bandwidths and converted back into audio via a speaker. It was possible to obstruct these signals with screenings manufactured from reflective materials such as aluminum.

Modern mobile broadband operates on a surprisingly similar principle. Cell towers communicate information to the portable modems in handheld digital devices using the radio frequency spectrum. This established technology has ushered in an age of interconnectedness, yet it is still subject to some of the same challenges as early radio transmissions.

Electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radiofrequency interference (RFI) are disturbances to signals caused by external influences. Construction materials such as aluminum screenings are often responsible for EMI and RFI.

The Benefits of Fiberglass Screenings

Fiberglass products are comprised of non-metal components, including silica- and polymer-based textiles and a choice of reinforcing resins. These non-conductive and non-magnetic composites represent significant improvements over reflective aluminum in terms of RF and EM transmission. Where aluminum can be used to shield components from these frequencies and protect sensitive equipment, fiberglass screenings are used to shield cellular equipment without obstructing the transmission and reception of digital signals.

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Steel is generally a poor choice for screening applications, especially retrofit applications, given the increased cost and weight it adds to the structure. Fiberglass is as much as 75% lighter than steel. This gives architects and engineers the opportunity to reduce the weight profile of protective equipment for rooftop cellular communications without compromising the structural integrity of critical equipment.

Transparent Fiberglass Screenings from Strongwell

Strongwell is one of the world’s leading suppliers of industrial fiberglass for an array of applications. With superior strength-to-weight portfolios compared to aluminum and vastly improved EM and RF transparency, fiberglass components offer a unique solution for functional and aesthetic screenings in construction and cellular applications.

Our materials have been certified by the Los Angeles Research Report L.A.R.R for use in electromagnetic and radiofrequency transparent applications. These include rooftop screening of cellular components, with structural shapes, plates, and interlocking components suitable for engineering cellular enclosures. The fiberglass screening products certified by the L.A.R.R include:

  • EXTREN® non-magnetic structural shapes and plates.
  • DURASHIELD® interlocking panels for total EM and RF transparency.
  • SAFPLANK® cellular wall panels for lightweight rooftop screenings.
  • FIREBOLT® non-magnetic studs and nuts for total EM and RF transparent screening solutions.

If you would like any more information about our fiberglass screening products, please do not hesitate to contact us.