Fiberglass Products for Water and Wastewater Treatment

Water and wastewater treatment is one of the most important infrastructures in the developed world. It ensures that billions of people across the globe have access to safe, clean drinking water while reducing effluent pollution in a relatively sustainable process. Water treatment plants are multidisciplinary facilities that must perform on numerous levels to ensure these high standards are consistently met. Filtration systems and structural materials must all exhibit good resistances to water and corrosive waste elements to deliver the constant and safe supply of water that members of the public have come to expect.

Fiberglass Products
Fiberglass products are perfectly suited to meet these severe demands, with versatile levels of formability and machinability allowing them to be implemented pervasively throughout water treatment plants.

Fiberglass Products in Water Treatment Facilities

The most fundamental components of water treatment facilities include aeration tanks and retention basins, which are formed to either maintain a reservoir of water or to bring the water source into contact with oxygen. Aeration of water allows oxygen to reduce the levels of gas dissolved in the liquid while oxygenating metal particles that may be dispersed throughout the reserve.

These structures are commonly manufactured using fiberglass products such as reinforced polymer baffle panels; corrugated sheets of high-strength fiberglass that can be easily machined to varying lengths and shapes. Conventional materials include wood and concrete, but each of these exhibits significant drawbacks compared to fiberglass products. There are environmental concerns associated with each, and where wood will gradually be susceptible to rotting, concrete is completely inflexible after its initial installation.

Fiberglass products negate these issues by providing low corrosion resistance and exceptional dimensional stability, thus increasing component service lives. Tanks formed from fiberglass are guaranteed not to spoil water sources through surface area corrosion, and they can be easily retrofitted to meet distinct facility specifications.

These specifications may include the implementation of fiberglass products such as weirs, scum baffles, flight channels, and structural materials such as walkways and walkovers – or they may be used for more aromatic requirements.

Odor covers are surfaces used to seal wastewater tanks and prevent odor pollution. These smells can be consistently severe, causing friction with local communities and facility workers alike. Fiberglass products have been used to seal basins and tanks to effectively combat odors, without exhibiting corrosion from gas run-off. Strongwell has manufactured several grades of fiberglass suitable for the fabrication of water treatment odor covers, including:

  • EXTREN®;
  • Custom pultrusions.

Fiberglass Products from Strongwell

Strongwell are leading suppliers of fiberglass products and have been involved with the innovation of this strong and versatile material since 1956. We provide readymade fiberglass products and bespoke services to ensure that all our customers receive components to match their unique specifications.

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