Fiberglass Proves Durable Solution in Shark Tank’s Corrosive Saltwater Environment

In 1999, an Ohio zoo installed a 100,000 gallon saltwater tank that was filled with colored fish and sharks. The tank required a corrosion-resistant crossing platform in order to view and feed the animals. Project engineers understood that metal materials would deteriorate quickly in the saltwater environment. However, fiberglass structural shapes and grating are ideal in such conditions.

Strongwell’s pultruded fiberglass products were selected to complete the project. The aquarium platform was built using Strongwell’s SAFRAIL™ Fiberglass Handrail System, DURADEK® grating and EXTREN® structural shapes.

With over ten years use, the Strongwell platform and grating continue to perform without corrosion damage. The zoo has not had maintenance or repair related problems since the product was installed in 1999.