Fiberglass Solutions for Hotels and Motels

Maintenance costs in the hotel and motel industry are inordinately high, owing to the importance that consumers place on aesthetics and visible quality. Satisfying the wants and expectations of paying customers is paramount to retaining repeat business and cultivating a positive reputation. This is more important than ever in the age of social media and collaborative reviewing on sites like TripAdvisor. Online reviews are now an integral part of the customer journey for vacationers or even individuals looking for a short layover, and even trivial complaints can seem glaring in a brief customer review.

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Fiberglass solutions can help hotel owners enhance the functional and aesthetic value of their facilities, sustaining a better return on investment by reducing the costs associated with replacing weathered railings, rusted handrails, and other tired components. Often, hotel buildings must contend with a broader range of corrosive and weathering influences due to the nature of the industry. The buildings themselves are often located in areas subject to severe thermal cycling, in close proximity to busy thoroughfares, or near the sea. Each of these locales represents a different challenge for traditional materials such as aluminum and steel.

This blog post will explore the range of fiberglass solutions Strongwell has provided for the hotel and motel industry in more detail.

Fiberglass Solutions: Handrails, Banisters, and Fences

The primary area of concern when it comes to corrosion and maintenance management in the hotel industry are exterior handrails and fences. Aluminum and steel members are widely used to form rail systems on landings, in stairwells, and around the parking lots of motel buildings. These are exposed to the elements all year-round and may succumb to any number of corrosive phenomena during that time.

The ultraviolet rays of harsh sunlight can bleach paintwork, imparting undesirable optical qualities and accelerating the rates of other forms of corrosion. Thermal fluctuations can cause the fixtures and joints of handrails to degrade while rain and snow may cause the alloys to oxidize. Either of these examples can result in dangerous structural fatigue that not only impacts the overall finish of the building but may contravene regulatory standards.

Strongwell offers a range of fiberglass solutions that outperform conventional handrails, banisters, and fence systems on almost all fronts. Our SAFRAILTM fiberglass solutions are engineered using high-strength structural shapes of pultruded fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) with thermoplastic connectors. These are inherently resistant to UV corrosion and impervious to rotting or oxidation due to ongoing weathering effects.

The added benefit of our corrosion-resistant custom fiberglass solutions is that they can be engineered to suit a range of styles and existing aesthetics. The color of our fiberglass products is directly integrated during the pultrusion process which eliminates the risk of surface treatment materials chipping away or degrading. In ordinary working conditions, fiberglass handrails and fences will retain their original look and feel without additional surface treatment longer than iron or steel. Strongwell can even create fiberglass solutions that emulate the visual qualities of conventional materials, from a wood grain effect to the traditional black-brown of wrought iron. We have already implemented this unique solution for Drury Inns.

Fiberglass Solutions from Strongwell

Strongwell offers an extensive range of fiberglass solutions designed with long-lasting performance in mind. Our custom fencing and handrail systems will resist even extreme weather events and sustained pedestrian traffic year-round with limited maintenance requirements and improved aesthetic qualities for longer than alternative materials.

If you would like any more information about our fiberglass solutions, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.