FRP Ballistic Protection for Security and Military Applications

The efficiency of steel armor plating has been questioned since the 1970s, when ceramic plates emerged as a lightweight alternative to personal body armor and protective vehicle cladding. Military suppliers increasingly used steel alternatives in conventional protective applications, and a broad section of the security sector followed suit. Fiber-reinforced polymers (FRP) rapidly emerged as a protective material with significant potential for shielding individuals from a range of threats, including ballistics and extreme weather conditions.

At Strongwell, we have developed a distinct line of reinforced FRP specifically for security applications known as HS Armor. This article will explore our security FRP products in more detail.

Composite Armor Alpha Image

FRP Armor Panels

HS Armor is a range of ballistics-resistant FRP panels manufactured from glass reinforcements in a proprietary resin matrix. These panels are then cured to form a protective laminate that improves the impact-resistant properties of the product. This laminate-matrix provides the mechanical capacity for ballistics-resistance, absorbing impact force by delaminating and re-distributing the force through the substrate of the FRP panel.

Strongwell’s FRP HS Armor panels have been rigorously tested to UL 752 and NIJ specifications, and have been successfully implemented in numerous types of protective architecture, including:

  • Court rooms;
  • Convenience stores;
  • Classrooms;
  • Panic rooms;
  • Office buildings.

These panels are available in a range of thicknesses with varying resistances to different ammunition types. Our protective FRP products have been tested to withstand direct impacts from a .44 Magnum pistol loaded with lead-based projectiles and FMJs. Certain specifications have also been designed to provide protection against high velocity rifle fire with outstanding weight to pressure ratios.

Benefits of HS Armor Panels

Steel plating is costly and heavyweight, and is unsuitable for areas requiring inexpensive or lighter weight protection. Classrooms, for example, have significant budget considerations and unfortunately increased security concerns. High-profile cases of individuals targeting schools with advanced weaponry have dramatically increased the need to protect our children from potential threats, but fitting all classrooms with armored steel panels is neither a realistic nor cost-effective solution.

FRP provides an ideal alternative to conventional protective materials, and convenient installation procedures that radically reduce the cost of product integration. FRP HS Armor panels can be easily and discretely fabricated into existing architecture using ordinary tools and equipment. There is no need for additional load-bearing considerations or specialized profiling equipment: FRP can be machined with carpenter’s tools and fitted with high-strength adhesive or bolts and screws.

FRP Security Solutions from Strongwell

Strongwell is a leading developer and supplier of FRP products for a large cross-section of sectors and industries. We have supplied extensive quantities of materials for numerous security projects worldwide, helping to protect individuals in the military, legal, and commercial sectors from emerging ballistic threats. Our HS Armor panels were used to protect thousands of active servicemen during tours of duty in Iraq, providing structures capable of withstanding adverse weather conditions, blast fragments, or direct ballistic impacts.

Strongwell’s HS Armor panels provide affordable protection and peace of mind. If you would like any more information about our FRP products for security applications, please do not hesitate to contact us.