FRP Outperforms Stainless Steel in the Kitchen

page-2---Duragrid-001The Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Center (HKCEC), which sits in the backdrop of the stunning skyline in Victoria Harbor, houses seven restaurants with seating for almost 1,900 people. After prolonged exposure to moisture and intensive kitchen demands, the 316 stainless steel channel cover within the BBQ kitchen required replacement.

HKCEC sought the expertise of Hong Kong-based Strongwell distributor, Bumatech, to provide the best solution for their problem. Bumatech understood the benefits of fiberglass grating and recommended Strongwell’s DURAGRID® T-1800 1” pultruded grating.

By selecting DURAGRID® as a replacement over traditional materials, HKCEC solved the maintenance and safety issues caused by its previous stainless steel channel.  FRP also provided the advantages of ease of installation and corrosion resistance of FRP, as well as the aesthetic and structural benefits. page-2---Duragrid-002

Strongwell manufactured the DURAGRID® T-1800 with a special teardrop design. This resulted in a high strength standing surface with 0.375” of open space. This design created a hygienic solution in the kitchen as wastewater and food particles would drop directly into the channel without sitting on top of the grating. In addition, the round silica grit that is bonded to the surface of DURAGRID® gave the channel a safe, non-skid surface.

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