FRP Platforms Withstand Corrosive Environment

More than 10,000 square feet of Strongwell’s fiberglass operating platforms and walkways were recently installed at a copper refinery in Piedras Verdes, Mexico.
The refinery uses a process called solvent extraction electrowinning (SXEW) to extract copper from the ore. An electrolyte liquid used in the process is highly corrosive to aluminum and steel, so corrosion resistant FRP grating, handrails and structural platforms were a natural choice for the project.

The FRP platforms are much more durable than aluminum or steel and the low electrical conductivity of FRP makes the operating platforms much safer for workers. Additionally, the lightweight FRP shapes, grating and handrail made the installation easier and faster.

FRP platforms are a much better solution for corrosive operating environments like those found in SXEW copper refineries. As a result, fiberglass has become the material of choice for such operations.