What FRP Products Need ASTM D4060 Testing?

Abrasion can be catastrophic in industrial settings. Even wearing forces as mild as pedestrian traffic on stairs will contribute to gradual wear-and-tear, which can lead to health and safety risks. Continual scraping away at surfaces can also slowly reduce key mechanical properties which may culminate in partial or total component failure. Depending on the application, material, and nature of the eroded surface, this can be extremely costly to reconcile. ASTM D4060 is a set of standards established to help forecast component performance as a function of wear-resistance.

What is ASTM D4060?

ASTM D4060 is one of the many global standards set by ASTM International; the largest committee on standards and technical content worldwide. It defines the test method for evaluating the abrasion resistance of organic coatings and other surface treatments using a Taber abrader to determine wear-resistance as a function of wear cycles per unit of thickness. Various test parameters are set-out to facilitate different materials and surface types, accounting for different weights, number of cycles, and abrasive types.

In a typical ASTM D4060 test, a flat sample surface is mounted on the turntable platform of the abrader which is then made to rotate at a fixed speed. Two abrasive wheels are then lowered onto the revolving surface and applied at a test-specific pressure. Contact between these wheels and the sample causes characteristic wearing action which gradually removes material from the specimen. Wear-resistance is subsequently measured as a function of weight-loss per number of cycles; higher values indicating greater resistance to abrasive forces.

ASTM D4060 and FRP Products

Although ASTM D4060 is primarily reserved for testing the abrasion resistance of coatings, it is relevant to many different fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) products in industrial settings. Gratings with additional surface veils and complex resin systems may require ASTM D4060 testing to ensure long-standing performance in response to persistent foot-traffic in challenging conditions. The test is also useful in measuring the length of service for anti-skid surfaces and stair treads.

Duragrid HD GratingThe composite nature of FRP products imparts excellent strength-to-weight characteristics, ensuring exceptional wear-resistance in demanding conditions. Pigments and resins are fully-embedded into the composite. This eliminates the risk of paintwork and essential mechanical elements being stripped from the surface of the component via abrasion. ASTM D4060 testing is routinely conducted on the most durable phenolic grating available from Strongwell, with admirable results.

Strongwell: World-Leading FRP Manufacturers

Strongwell is an industry-leading manufacturer and supplier of FRP solutions for challenging areas of application. We conduct rigorous testing of all our products to ensure compliance with the relevant regulations and specifications, including ASTM D4060.

If you would like more information about our FRP stair treads and grating, simply contact a member of the Strongwell team today.