GRIDFORM™ Bridge Decking Receives Industry Recognition

Strongwell’s new GRIDFORM™ concrete reinforcement system is an award winning product! The second generation of this innovative double layer grating system, which was developed in partnership with civil engineers at the University of Wisconsin - Madison, recently received a “Best of What’s New” award in engineering from Popular Science magazine. In addition, the current generation of the system, which features 1/8” fiberglass plate bonded to the bottom grating panel, was declared runner-up for the prestigious Charles Pankow Award for Innovation given in April 2006 by the American Society of Civil Engineers.

The GRIDFORM™ system is composed of two layers of DURAGRID® pultruded fiberglass grating panels bonded to EXTREN® plate and separated by shear connectors with nylon bolts. The system is designed to replace metal rebar and serve as a stay-in-place concrete form for bridge decks. GRIDFORM™ will not corrode and therefore greatly extends the lifespan of the bridge deck in which it is installed. The prefabricated system also saves time and money during installation because it is installed in sections as opposed to traditional rebar, which workers have to place and tie together by hand.
Strongwell thanks UWM professors Michael Oliva and Larry Bank and former graduate students David Jacobson and Mack Conachen for working with the company to develop this ground breaking product!