How Fiberglass Ballistic Panels Capture Ballistics

Fiberglass panels are composed of numerous interconnecting layers woven together that impart both high strength and toughness, which promote excellent impact-resistant properties. These have been exploited for lightweight armoring applications for years. At Strongwell, our manufacturing experts have routinely strived towards building the strongest ballistic fiberglass panels on the market.

In brief: Our ballistic panels are comprised of ballistic-grade roving woven into a tight-knit structure and mechanically injected with a thermoset resin which, when put through a hot press, imparts high rigidity and durability.

Protective Properties of Fiberglass Ballistic Panels

Depending on the underlying materials, fiberglass ballistic panels can be engineered to repel assaults from small arms and military-grade weapons alike. They can also be designed to withstand blasts and secondary impacts such as debris and shrapnel from explosives, plus ricocheting bullets. This works through a process known as delamination.

Most ballistic-resistant solutions operate on the simple premise of being stronger and tougher than incoming projectiles travelling at specific velocities. The idea is that upon impact with a harder surface, that projectile will shatter. However, materials of requisite strength and toughness are often prohibitively heavy.

By contrast, when a ballistic panel is struck by a bullet, the energy of the projectile is dispersed across a cross-section causing it to slow to a rapid stop within the fiberglass. The unerring ability of the fiberglass to instantly remove the high-speed projectile’s momentum and to avoid any ricochet effect, makes fiberglass ballistic panels a globally popular remedy to the threat protection problem.

Applications for Security and Protection

Though the obvious application of fiberglass ballistic panels would be in a conflict, there is an ever-growing range of security-related circumstances where our fiberglass armor and protection products are becoming a necessity. At any location where an armed attack may be attempted, our ballistic-grade products can provide peace of mind.

Convenience Stores and Shops

More and more convenience stores and shops are seeking the added security of ballistic-resistant sheets and panels in and around the cashier and ‘staff only’ areas of the premises. Such high-spec security measures are proven to make would-be criminals reconsider a sudden stick-up or robbery.


Courts are acutely aware of a very real threat of attack on judges, juries, defendants and lawyers, alike. The decision to refit their courtrooms with the proper protective shields and screens is something that our specialists at Strongwell fully support.


Where there are large sums of money, there will always be people thinking about stealing it. On the frontline, bank tellers are the most vulnerable members of a bank’s staff and, as such, benefit greatly from the installation of our custom-made ballistic panels and screens, giving them the confidence to do their job without fear.

Strongwell’s Superior Security Products

Designing the very best ballistic panels, Strongwell’s line of fiberglass security applications stop, absorb and diffuse deadly assaults, allowing you and your team to go about your business professionally and positively. Contact us today for more information.