Initiating Workforce Development via Manufacturing

As the demands for the future workforce change within communities, so does the educational needs of its students. For multiple years, the Bristol Chamber of Commerce has been deeply engaged in workforce development by partnering with schools, businesses and students on opportunities to highlight career pathways for graduates.

This year, Strongwell, with the assistance of the Chamber of Commerce, organized a half-day visit to Strongwell to learn about pultrusion and manufacturing. Prior to their arrival, Strongwell worked with Career and Technical Education (CTE) instructors in identifying and placing students in one of the multiple categories of employment within Strongwell.

Upon their arrival, Strongwell provided a presentation highlighting the demographics within the manufacturing sector, career path options, STEM outreach initiatives, community involvement, educational diversity and the culture of continuous improvement through ongoing education.

Students had the opportunity to meet and question seasoned professionals within drafting, marketing, pricing, engineering, industrial maintenance, electrical engineering, information technology, accounting, business, machining, CNC, welding, R&D, process engineering, prototyping and 3D printing. Students were also provided with resume guidance and an invitation to further the dialogue of manufacturing within their classrooms.

david oakleyAt the conclusion of their group meetings, students were invited back into a Q&A session with Strongwell’s CEO, David Oakley. Students presented questions relating to character development, fields of study, headwinds the sector faced, corporate expansion, leadership lessons and global economics.