MBA Students Witness Manufacturing Impact

king university mba

Recently, 16 Master of Business Administration students from King University visited Strongwell. Prior to this visit, students toured a premier auto parts assembly plant in Clinton, Tennessee. The purpose of this visit to Strongwell was to learn more about how raw materials are transformed into an advanced product and how project management, business operations, technology, science, and marketing work together to drive business.

During the students’ visit, Keith Liskey (Senior Advisor) provided an operations and product presentation on the advantages and benefits of using FRP as a structural alternative to steel, aluminum or wood. He was also able to reflect on the transformation he underwent to evolve his executive business acumen from manufacturing to the nonprofit sector upon retirement. Today, in addition to serving as a Senior Advisor for Strongwell, Keith serves as a pro-bono Senior Advisor to the Birthplace of Country Music.

Melissa Harrison (Chief Estimator-Bristol), Meghan Carty (Pricing Manger), and Te-Kai  Shu (Social Media and Business Development Manager) provided a facility tour to illustrate how Strongwell and its advanced manufacturing practices produce fiber reinforced polymers for the global market.

On their tour, the students and faculty members were shown how the in-house engineering, manufacturing and R&D capabilities of the company continually give Strongwell the competitive versatility and market edge as an American manufacturer in a globalized economy.

Strongwell remains an eager advocate of promoting Fiber Reinforced Polymers (FRP) and the importance of manufacturing within the local business community. Strongwell would like to thank King University’s Brendia Morrison (Assistant Professor of Business) for coordinating and visiting with Strongwell.