Miami Marina Solves Problems with Pultruded Grating

Strongwell’s DURAGRID® T-1700 pultruded grating was recently used to replace wood planks on a large walkway at Dinner Key Marina in Miami, Florida. Wood planks were frequently damaged during large storms and were susceptible to rotting caused by the corrosive salt-water environment. Dinner Key Marina operators found the corrosion, rot and mildew resistant DURAGRID® pultruded grating to be an ideal replacement. The grating allows for easy accessibility to utilities below the walkway because the lightweight panels can be easily removed for maintenance.

The grating also preserves the aesthetic beauty of the surrounding area. The greatest appeal of the T-1700 grating with 2” T-bars, however, was that spans the wide walkway while maintaining enough stiffness to feel solid to those walking on it. DURAGRID® pultruded grating brought numerous other advantages to the customer as well. The grating is easy to install and maintain; low in thermal and electrical conductivity; aesthetically pleasing; and available in custom colors. The Dinner Key Marina installation is just one example of the many applications for pultruded products in the marina and dock industry. Pultruded FRP composites offer an attractive, low-maintenance, durable and increasingly cost-competitive alternative to steel, wood and aluminum, especially in corrosive marine and freshwater environments.