Safety Brigade Achieves Timed Milestone

Safety Brigade Almost sixty team members across all departments at Strongwell’s Mexico facility recently participated in a variety of first responder training exercises. Individuals worked with local authorities to conduct search and rescue, first aid, and hazmat containment exercises, in accordance with the mandated regulations by the Ministry of Labor and Welfare.

These types of training events are generally conducted annually for legal compliance but were suspended for the past two years due to COVID regulations.
safety brigadeOver a period of five days, classes and training practices were completed to discuss and implement best practices and new first aid actions.
There was an impressive achievement to be noted from this year’s activities. The current state regulations allow for a maximum of three minutes to conduct a full evacuation of a plant. In 2018, Strongwell met this goal by evacuating in 2 minutes and 56 seconds. In 2022, the team was able to complete the same task in an especially impressive 59 seconds.

Congratulations to our team members in Mexico for their excellent work and thank you for your continued safety efforts.