Strongwell Assists St. Louis Metro with Huge Fencing Project

Metro, the transportation authority that serves the St. Louis, Missouri metropolitan area, recently undertook two large fencing installations utilizing custom DURAGRATE® molded grating as the main fencing component.
After previous success with custom fabricated train-stop windscreens provided by Strongwell, Metro contacted the company again in search of a corrosion resistant, maintenance-free fencing material that would be used to span the entire county. Various forms of fencing—mostly customized steel—had been installed previously, and the different fences created an inconsistent appearance. Rust and peeled paint made the fencing an even bigger eye sore, and poor construction in places allowed curious pedestrians to get past the metal fence into restricted areas.

Metro needed a functional fence that would keep pedestrians out but be aesthetically pleasing and not detract from the natural landscape. Working in conjunction with the Westfall Company, Strongwell’s manufacturers’ representative for the St. Louis area, project managers were able to develop an attractive yet corrosion- and maintenance-free fencing design using black and gray DURAGRATE® molded grating panels. Extra care was taken in choosing the material used in the county-wide project. Strongwell’s black and gray DURAGRATE® molded grating was chosen because of its clean, attractive look, strength and corrosion resistance.

Strongwell and Westfall first provided material to replace all the steel fencing on the Metro’s existing transit line. Terry Turner at Westfall Company says that, “Metro is very pleased with the integrity of the new railing.” Strongwell is now providing molded grating for the Metro’s new Cross County Extension project, which is still under construction. Once in operation, though, passengers will enjoy the aesthetic appeal of miles of DURAGRATE® fencing!