Strongwell Awards SVAM Scholarship to Virginia High School Student

virginia high schoolStrongwell recently represented SVAM (Southwest Virginia Alliance for Manufacturing) in identifying talented individuals within the manufacturing footprint of Southwest Virginia. Each year, the organization works with manufacturing representatives to review and award thousands of dollars of scholarships to students within a 20-county footprint. These funds are provided to students who are interested in pursuing traditional and non-traditional paths towards careers in manufacturing.
Students may only apply for the scholarship if a member company is represented within the locality or county. Strongwell is one of the newer members and the sole representative from the City of Bristol, Virginia. As a result, Virginia High School students were encouraged to apply thought multiple outreach opportunities throughout the year. This year, Daunte Harris was chosen based upon his interview with Lydia Sinemus (Environmental Health, and Safety Manager), Tekai Shu (Social Media and Business Development Manager) , and Mandy Barker (SVAM Program Assistant).

For the past four years, Daunte has played on the defensive line for Virginia High School. In doing so, he also juggled the obligations of dual enrollment, honor roll, National Honor Society, Beta Club, and has been part of the Superintendent’s Advisory Committee.
Daunte was also awarded with the Presidential Scholarship Initiative which he will use this fall at Virginia Tech’s College of Engineering.
Congratulations to the Class of 2019 and its SVAM Scholarship Awardees.

Click here for more information on how rising seniors can apply for this scholarship opportunity.