Strongwell Completes Two-Year Program through VEDP to Grow Export Sales


Strongwell was one of 14 Virginia companies recognized in Richmond recently for completing the two-year Virginia Leaders in Export Trade (VALET) Program, offered by the Virginia Economic Development Partnership’s (VEDP) International Trade division.

The VALET program assists companies in Virginia in growing exports by developing international sales plans and risk assessments, offering market research, and providing financial assistance toward certain key international business activities.

As a part of its participation in the VALET program, Strongwell received assistance to grow its international sales via targeted market research, international networking and educational opportunities, strategic planning advice, and financial reimbursement for some internationally-focused trade shows.


Barry Myers, Strongwell’s Corporate Director, Marketing, acted as liaison for the program over its two years, and represented Strongwell at the graduation ceremony held in Richmond. Myers said of the program, “Working with the VALET program has given Strongwell some real and tangible benefits in international markets.We have taken advantage of the excellent research, spoken with several consultants in countries where we are trying to grow our international sales, and gained some traction in key overseas markets. The VEDP has been a pleasure to work with and VALET has proven to be an excellent program.”