Strongwell Employees Build a Fence around Caring

StrongwellwpNomad is a Labrador retriever and golden retriever mix specially trained to work with those assisted by the CAC (Children’s Advocacy Center) of Bristol and Washington County, VA. Since his arrival, Nomad’s contributions have been well received in Bristol and Washington County. As a part of the United Way’s Week of Caring, Strongwell employees were enthusiastic to improve Nomad’s workspace and home at the CAC by installing and fencing in his new play area. The fencing material was outfitted with fiberglass ladder rails and EXTREN® posts to be service-free for the duration of the yard’s existence.

Throughout the week, regional United Ways from Kingsport, Washington County, Carter County, Bristol, and Southwest Virginia partnered with businesses, corporate volunteers and partner agencies to accomplish facility improvement tasks or assist agency clients with participation activities.  Kathi Roark, Executive Director of CAC, educated the Bristol group about Nomad’s coping role in SWVA and Bristol, as he puts children at ease as they describe abuse to investigator and counselors at the facility.

The Bristol group included Billy Phillips (Fabrication Superintendent), Jeff Chandler (Mechanical Engineering and Machinery Manager), Melissa Harrison (Chief Estimator),  Lisa Wilson (Payroll Administrator),  John Linton (Fab Estimator), Shannon Lambert (Master Mechanic), Randy Montgomery (Industrial Products Manager),  and Rhonda Tucker (Customer Account Manager). Many thanks to our teammates at Strongwell for taking time out of their workday to participate in a worthy contribution for the United Way of Bristol and the Children’s Advocacy Center.