Strongwell’s Grating After 30+ Years in Offshore Environment

In 1979, DURADEK® grating was installed on Shell’s offshore platform Ellen. The platform was destined for the Beta Field off the shore of southern California. Now, with over 30 years of use, the nearly 10,000 square feet of grating continues to show an excellent return on investment for current operators, Beta Offshore.

Anti-skid DURADEK® has always been known for excellent durability and the 30-plus year exposure on Ellen has had little to no effect on the grating. Even accidental sandblasting and paint overspray has not degraded the anti-skid surface. Previous reports indicated that abuse from the platform’s SSV’s (surface safety valves) and performing acid jobs have never been a problem. Workers experience less fatigue and a better kneeling environment with DURADEK® pultruded grating.

When asked in 2010 about the lifespan of the grating on the platform, Facility Superintendent Yohn Rosqui stated, “The grating looks to be in great shape. The surface shows very little wear and tear.”

Too often, the industry concentrates on short term costs. Now, years later, the decision to go with DURADEK® has proved to be a better return on investment.