Strongwell Participates in Stop the Bleed Month

stop the bleedThe month of May is well known to the medical professional community as “Stop the Bleed Month.” Strongwell’s safety group recently celebrated this month by providing “Stop the Bleed” classes, with the assistance of trauma care professionals from Bristol Regional Medical Center, as a part of Strongwell’s continuous learning opportunities for employees.

Bleeding control classes such as these are designed to educate the general public on short and precise steps on how to control life-threatening bleeding until first responder help arrives. The classes offered visual and practice simulations on each of the three bleeding control steps.

stop the bleedDuring each class, the trauma instructor illustrated best practice approaches on the correct placement of hand pressure, application of hemostatic gauze dressing, and how to effectively use one or two tourniquet(s) in the event of a severe bleeding injury.

Strongwell would like to thank all the employees who participated in these classes along with the trauma care specialists from Bristol Regional Medical Center.