Using Fiberglass in Family Resorts and Complexes

A vacation for the whole family is rarely cheap, so it is important that multifamily resorts and complexes offer outstanding experiences for vacationers of all ages. Safety and security are paramount for providing peace of mind, but small aesthetic touches are just as crucial for creating that authentic vacation experience. Compounding these requirements is the fact that resort destinations typically feature demanding conditions, which can corrode materials over time. Seawater can cause steel structures to rust, while chlorine in pools can cause significant chemical corrosion to unsuitable decking materials. Multilevel resorts and complexes have risen to this challenge by increasingly turning away from conventional materials in favor of cost-effective solutions with all-rounded benefits.

Fibreglass Alternatives to Wood and Steel

Wood has been used as a structural and aesthetic building block for centuries, but there is a significant ecological impact associated with using the material in bulk. Wooden railings can be labour-intensive to shape and install, and to effectively treat against corrosion – making them unsuitable as poolside railings or long-term fencing systems. Fiberglass is the ideal solution to this issue because the high-strength polymer-based material is impervious to rot and incredibly resistant to multiple corrosive elements.

STRONGRAIL® fiberglass pool railings are resistant to water and chemicals, including chlorine. The product also exhibits phenomenal resistance to ultraviolet light, reducing the risk of solar bleaching and retaining enhanced coloring for a much greater period. Most importantly, fiberglass railings are manufactured using a high-strength matrix of continuous glass strands and rigidifying resins to ensure that poolside railings and external fencing systems are always secure and stable.

Despite similarly rising production and installation costs, steel remains the material of choice for critical construction applications. Core structural shapes in hotels and multilevel resorts are still fabricated using steel sections and profiles, relying on the broadly established mechanical properties of the alloy. However, fiberglass has emerged as an alternative for plenty external or aesthetic applications – including in the hospitality industry.

STRONGDEKTM fiberglass panels are ideal for architectural decking systems in resorts and complexes, encapsulating an innovative interlocking design for a smooth and sturdy finish. The product is routinely used to fabricate flat or curved profiles for balconies and multilevel platforms in resorts. The material can be finished with an optional gritted surface to improve skid resistance for poolside components and marina walkways.

Fiberglass Solutions from Strongwell

Strongwell is an expert supplier of fiberglass products to numerous industry sectors worldwide. Our products have been effectively used to replace conventional components in various hotels and resorts, reducing maintenance costs and improving the aesthetic impact of facilities.

Our fiberglass products suitable for the hospitality sector include:

  • STRONGRAIL®: an architectural railing and fence system formulated from a robust fiberglass composite of continuous glass fibers, strand glass mats, a synthetic surfacing veil, and a flame-retardant polyester resin: available with several standard options and a range of components for unique fiberglass railing combinations;
  • STRONGDEKTM: an aesthetic fiberglass decking system that can be produced to any length and can be installed using hidden fasteners for an eye-pleasing finished appearance.

If you would like any more information about our fiberglass products for multilevel resorts and complexes, please do not hesitate to contact us.